The effects of magnesium concentrate on the skin

The effects of magnesium concentrate on the skin

Magnesium concentrate is a versatile supplement with beneficial effects on the skin. Some of its positive effects include a general feeling of relaxation, lower stress level, and therapeutic effect on depression and anxiety. The benefits of magnesium concentrate have long-lasting effects on a range of physical symptoms and health-related problems, including diabetes and arthritis. One of the many noticeable skin beautifying effects of magnesium concentrate is making the skin look healthy, giving it a natural glow.

Magnesium concentrate and its gentle peeling poperties

Although magnesium concentrate may appear to be an oily substance, in actuality, it is a mixture of concentrate solution of naturally occurring mineral salts and water, containing no oil at all. The slippery feel of magnesium concentrate can be attributed to its ingredients of numerous, beneficent minerals which, due to their unique features, will not clog the pores in your skin.

Instead of clogging them, it actually cleans these tiny, unnoticeable pores. The pores are usually not able to completely fulfil their task of letting the skin breathe if dead skin peel accumulates in them. The microscopic pieces of the epidermis make the skin appear less glowing. The healthy skin is still found under this layer of skin, and the proper removal of it can give back the skin its natural glow.

The mineral salts in the magnesium concentrate nourish the skin and the tissues under it. Magnesium concentrate is unique in the sense that it is applied directly on the skin surface, and its beneficial effect can directly nourish the desired areas. With the use of magnesium concentrate, you can easily get rid of the dead layer of epidermis, because it breaks down the proteins that make this layer „stick” to the upper layer of the skin. By rinsing away the layer of salt from the skin, the dead skin cells will also wash off, and the healthy-looking skin is guaranteed to show. At the same time, the pores are also relieved of the pieces of skin that are stuck in them, which allows for the secretion of sebum to take place at a higher level of efficiency. This is the body function that is also responsible for the prevention of the formation of erythema or rashes on the skin, which are the main reason behind the formation of pimples and acne.

Magnesium conentrate to battle acne and pimples

Acnes are like the diabetes of the skin. Skin irritation and erythema are the result of the stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is produced by the adrenal gland, and the skin reacts to the presence of this hormone. Simultaneously, the skin also produces its own stress hormones, and the production of these hormones can be induced or elevated by higher blood sugar levels. The body reacts to cortisol by launching the secretion process of histamine. One effect that histamine has is making the skin appear red around pimples and rashes.

There are known ways of promoting a healthy skin. One of them is to keep a sugar-free diet with low amounts of carbohydrates. Besides being conscious about our diet, it is also recommended to provide the skin with supplements that are beneficial to it. Magnesium is one of them, and although oral magnesium is definitely good for the skin, because it is not topical, it has a general nourishing effect on the whole body. Using oral magnesium supplements does not directly target the skin, so there must be better solutions for the skin. Also, oral magnesium supplements can have side effects such as diarrhoea.

Magnesium concentrate, which can be applied directly on the skin surface, is definitely more effective for skin treatment. Magnesium concentrate will first nourish the skin, and it stays there for a while to take effect before it enters the blood vessels – 25 cells deep below the surface of the skin, under the so-called basal layer – to nourish the rest of the body.

Magnesium concentrate to treat wrinkes and fine lines on the face

Microscopic pieces of epidermis not only clog the pores of the skin, but they can also accumulate on the edges of wrinkles. By peeling away the upper layer of the skin, the winkles smoothen on the edges, and they become less visible. Occasionally, wrinkles may even completely disappear. Magnesium is one of the more effective ways of getting rid of wrinkles. Although there are more efficient ways, magnesium also nourishes the skin, and thanks to its rejuvenating effect, the skin will become glowing and silky smooth. Magnesium is also good for sensitive or oily skin. It removes the unhealthy skin and improves skin clarity and texture.

Magnesium concentrate to battle „Sun Freckles”

A naturally darker skin is less likely to have pimples, and it is less irritable, but uneven patches will occur on the surface of the recovering skin. Melatonin pigment is responsible for the tone of the skin, giving it a golden brown, brown or dark tone. It is also an anti-oxidant that reduces skin inflammation.

Skin inflammation can lead to the formation of brown or dark patches on the skin. It is a common phenomenon for people with a beautiful brown skin tone. Some of the best ways to protect against these patches is sun cream or a sunhat. Direct sunlight can further induce melatonin production. Magnesium concentrate is highly recommended to treat damages to the skin.

A balanced magnesium level guarantees that the skin remains inflammation-free. The skin cells use magnesium to produce enzymes that are responsible for producing healthy, normally pigmented skin in the deeper layers of the skin.

Apply magnesium concentrate to the tanned skin surface as a night care in order to help prevent the formation of skin lesions.  It is highly recommended as a bath for people with Asian skin tones. The best result can be achieved by the combination of magnesium concentrate and IPL treatment.

Do not apply make-up on the skin that has been treated with magnesium concentrate. Magnesium concentrate should not be used as a face cleanser. Apply magnesium concentrate as a night face mask, or on other parts of the body. Its absorption time ranges between 30 minutes and 8 hours. One of its best health benefits is its remedial effect on inflammations.

Do you experience a burning sensation when using Magnesium concentrate?

For people with more sensitive skin, magnesium concentrate can cause a slight burning and itching sensation. These symptoms are due to the high salt content of the magnesium concentrate. To eliminate the problem, simply dissolve the magnesium concentrate in water. Magnesium concentrate is a highly water soluble supplement, and it is easily dissolved in water. It can also be added to body lotions.




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Scientifically proven

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30-day money back guarantee

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