“I have very good experience with this product! It has super effect on the skin, it is noticeably stronger, more flexible and smoother. This is not just mine, but my partner’s experience also, who also does competitve sports. I was prone to leg cramps, but it has decreased since using the product. As it is gently, transdermally absorbed, I start the training sessions with loose muscles, which remain for several hours. After training, I massage with the product again, and it regenerates and moisturises so much. I tried it for face also, and it was super regenerator! It is very effective for buttock muscles, but I also use it for my waist and my back. Little tweaks, but you get used to it. If you feel too much, sometimes I wipe or wash-off, but often leave it on. Thank you! Positive impact in all areas!”

László Bogár





“I use the products for leg cramps and stress reduction. I use them every day, my cramps are gone away, and I feel much more relaxed. I can advise it for everybody, I am very glad that I found Zechstein Miracle Magnesium.”

Ágnes Levora


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